Saturday, January 3

"US communists ... are now in a better position to dictate Democratic Party policy than at any time since the 1930s."

It wasn't until I read Trevor Loudon's latest essay, The Real “Secret” of American Communism, courtesy of RBO, that I realized I'd been wrong to assume America's communist movement is geriatric. Clearly, from Loudon's piece, I was not paying enough attention.

Loudon has been paying very close attention, and what he reveals today about the progress made by the communists in the USA since the late 1990s is a jaw-dropper.

Is he being an alarmist? Let me put it this way: pray that he is. But while you're praying row away from the rocks. Learn about the organizations and names he tosses around, and keep an eye on their public statements during the first years of the Obama presidency.

Just as shocking is the history Loudon provides about the power that the communists gained in New Zealand under the guise of the 'peace' movement. That might explain why he troubled himself to closely follow Obama's rise and the American political scene.

New Zealand bought the T-shirt and the DVD when it came to falling prey to the chameleon tactics of the globalized communist movement. If Loudon's warning is any guide the United States is poised to do the same.

After you visit New Zeal to read Loudon's post, pop in at RBO to see the pictures Procrustes added to the crosspost. And while you're there, why not thank RBO for doing so much to promote Loudon's writings in the USA?

At long last, this just in:
RBO apparently reached critical mass on the subject of Obama's Socialist / Marxist / Communist ties and supporters to call for a compilation of links, which will join the master RBO Reading List.
So there it is, in one convenient place: all the stuff I've been putting off reading about Obama and his buddies, and believe you me I've already plowed through a lot of stuff. But after reading Loudon's latest I will put off the chore no longer.

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