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How does BioMask defend against H1N1 swine flu? First let's make sure we're talking about the genuine BioMask. (Update 3:50 PM ET-VICTORY AT GOOGLE!)

Here is what the Filligent BioMask™ looks like:

On Saturday, when American radio show host John Batchelor inteviewed Filligent co-founder and CEO Melissa Mowbray-d'Arbela about her company's BioMask™, he spelled out the word "Filligent" for his audience.

And at the end of the interview he told the audience to "Google BioMask" for more information about the mask.

Here we come to a snag -- or, in the immortal words of Dorothy Parker (and Jay Currie), "One damn thing leads to another."

If you google "BioMask," "biomask," or "Biomask" you'll see, near the top of the first Web page under "Images" for the BioMask™, a photograph of a man wearing a bio-chemical warfare/accident mask. That is not the BioMask™.

Yet to the left of the man's image are two photographs of genuine BioMask™ packages. And to his right is a diagram of the genuine BioMask™ construction.

In other words, the unwary could easily assume that the bio-chem mask is the BioMask™. This is most unfortunate because no one in his right mind would wear the bio-chem mask unless he was trying to survive a bio-chem incident or scare the hell out of someone.

I am not a Google wizard so I have no idea how to fix this problem and after searching unsuccessfully for an email address where I could send my complaint to Google, I gave up the idea of asking Google for help.

If anyone knows how to fix the problem; i.e., get the photograph of the bio-chem mask removed from the line-up of BioMask™ products and substitute a photograph of a genuine BioMask™ (note the name is trademarked) at the BioMask, Biomask, and biomask Google Web pages, please fix it.

There is possibly a workaround to the problem: this morning I noticed that my post of yesterday about the BioMask™ has appeared near the top of the second page of Google's Web page for "BioMask." The accompanying photograph, the same as the one above, does show the BioMask™.

So if you wouldn't mind, could you visit the second Google Web page (links provided above) and click on the link to my post that has the BioMask™ photo attached?

Perhaps if enough people do this, it will move the link to my post and the accompanying photograph of the BioMask™ onto the first Google Web page. And, I hope, even move the photograph right underneath or above the one of the gentleman wearing the bio-chem mask.

If this works, at least Google readers can see at a glance what the real BioMask™ looks like, and not assume they have to frighten the living daylights out of people to be suitably masked against a flu bug.

Thank you for your help in this matter

This not to say I don't think the well-prepared person shouldn't have a bio-chem mask handy. But right now we are in the midst of a pandemic and for that I think the BioMask™ is the best facial mask for protection against the 2009 swine flu.

And, as you can see, the mask is the most attractive one available for the purpose. It's also the most 'breathable' and comfortable. It can be worn all day and even during heavy exercise.

It's also easy to put on; it has adjustable ear loops and a double curved shape that expands to fit closely to most faces. It comes in two sizes so it can fit not only an adult face but also a child's.

The mask is also safety-certified and non-irritating to skin.

As for the technology that goes into the mask it does everything but bake bread:
In 2008, Filligent developed a revolutionary technology which traps & kills viruses and bacteria on contact. This molecular technology can be applied to substrates such as rayon and cotton textile fibre.

BioFriend™ captures microbes by mimicking the sites on human cells to which they normally attach, then, destroys them by disrupting their surfaces (viruses) and cell walls (bacteria). BioFriend™ kills the full universe of germs including those that cause Influenza A, Bird Flu, common colds, measles, pneumonia, SARS, tuberculosis, and MRSA.

By targeting only the dangerous elements, BioFriend’s intelligent filtration technology optimizes breathability and comfort.

With BioFriend's ability to kill a broad range of microbes, while applied to various substrates, the technology naturally lends itself to wide application across consumer products. Not only does BioFriend™ contain and protect against infection, but it also keeps items of everyday personal use, prone to bacterial and viral contamination, safe and clean.
Check out Filligent's products page for information about other anti-pathogenic items they sell.

And give a listen to John Batchelor's interview with Melissa Mowbray-d'Arbela. The podcast is at this link, July 25, Hour 2, the second interview.

RBO blog's Swine Flu Reader has links to all my posts on swine flu since April, and which have been crossposted there with illustrations provided by RBO.

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