Friday, July 17

John Batchelor expands his WABC radio broadcast schedule to Saturday (REVISED 4:30 PM ET)

Apologies for my arithmetic; I was following breaking news at CNN on the Jakarta bombings while writing this. (Question to Fox Cable News: Do you have a breaking-news desk?) The Saturday show will of course be four hours, not three. And see RBO's article, published today, for plentiful background on John's show.

The New York Daily News reported yesterday that starting July 18 New York City's 77 WABC-AM radio station will be airing a four-hour John Batchelor Show on Saturday in addition to John's Sunday show.

Saturday airtime: 9 PM to 1 AM Eastern Time.

WABC can be heard nationally and globally online here.

For more information on the show see the website.

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