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Friday, August 10

Andrew McCarthy on the Muslim Brotherhood's influence on American government

More from the C-SPAN website on McCarthy's speech on Wednesday at the National Press Club in Washington, DC:
The details, including new information about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin, are to be revealed at an event in Washington hosted by the Center for Security Policy. The allegations that had come to light against Ms. Abedin had been rejected by House Speaker John Boehner, Arizona Republican Senator John McCain and others. McCarthy was an attorney in New York's southern district and led the court trial against the Brotherhood figure known as the Blind Sheik, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.
I suspect that CNN's main news anchor Wolf Blitzer attempted Wednesday evening to divert attention from the speech by picking a fight on his show with Newt Gingrich about Michele Bachmann's questions regarding Huma Abedin's ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Blitzer called the questions "McCarthyism," meaning the McCarthy investigations of Communists in America.  Newt's vigorous defense of the investigations set off a predictable uproar in the Leftist blogosphere  (e.g., Newt Gingrich Glorifies McCarthyism to Defend Bachmann Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt) but Newt managed to get the conversation more-or-less back on track with this zinger:

"Andy McCarthy, who was a prosecutor in the first World Trade Center terrorism bombing, and who has worked on these questions for 20 years, lays out case after case where this State Department has been amazingly pro-Muslim Brotherhood."

Wolf quickly veered from the incendiary remark and continued to fume about the Huma Abedin-Muslim Brotherhood issue:   "Just because some distant relative may have done something, that's ridiculous."

"It was her mother and father," shot back Newt, correctly. (Note that Huffington Post's clip of the CNN interview cuts off the video before Newt replies.)

Yeah and?

Ever read Memoirs of the Jihad by McCarthy?

He had his chance. Oh he's right, but he had his chance.
He is one of the National Review's "Musharraf" corner.

You know, we have to support the secular generals and the Saudis against Iran? And where has that got us--or the Israelis for that matter?

Sorry, Miss P, but this is not the way to talk about lobbies, most of whom are our own internal domestic lobbies causing the most problems.
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