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Sunday, August 12

Bad news

"majorlyprofound.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this blog."

I hope he's okay.  A friend who also follows his blog joked that he'd probably gotten a book deal.  But the blog was deleted without the Major first posting a humorous 'goodbye' message, as I would have expected from the him.

It is very hard to be a rational Pakistani in Pakistan these days, and can even be very dangerous, particularly if one has a readership and does social criticism.

Maybe deleting the blog has to something to do with his work, whatever that is.  Or maybe he's just someone who doesn't like goodbyes. 

Well, Bye, Major. Thank you for restoring my sense of humor and perspective so many times with your great wit.  God Bless.

a pity about his blog. But as long as the ISI hasn't got hold of his goat (twice or thrice removed) I guess its fine.
I found this while searching for news on Major's sudden disappearance. His was a unique voice and gave some hope for a sliver of redemption from that black hole that is Pakistan. Considering the fate of others who spoke out against their venal military, I do fear greatly for his safety and well being. Stay safe, Major! You are deeply missed.
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