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Thursday, August 2

Who the hell just sent me an instant message?

The instant message was something to do with aid to Pakistan. I have no idea who sent it but I was very irritated to see an instant message pop onto my screen. I don't use instant messages. I don't belong to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Google is ticked at me because I refuse to upgrade my blog with all the widgets and whatnots in the new Blogger version.
Look, my trench coat is 18 years old and it's still perfectly serviceable. All of these upgrades and wingdings and whatnots -- I love progress but I refuse to let it run my life.

So to the reader who sent the instant message: my email address is Pundita1@aol.com. And I have a comment section on this blog. These are my two concessions to the modern era in communications. Granted, sometimes it can be days before I reply to an email or post the comments, but be happy I don't request that readers communicate with me via carrier pigeon.

This, from someone who reads Treasure Island by candlelight.
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