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Wednesday, August 1

Forced marriage has nothing to do with the country it comes from. Check.

iRobot's Roomba vacuum cleaner

Blazing Catfur, one of Canada's feisty free-speech bloggers (okay; they're all feisty) provides an enlightening look at how the airheaded in Canada are handling the delicate problem of immigrants from Muslim countries who engage in the practice of forced marriage (See BC's post for links):
I've been wondering about the issue of Forced Marriage in Canada in light of efforts by the UK to combat this repugnant practice. Let's look at some facts regarding the make-up of the UK's case load. The UK's Forced Marriage Unit records that "65 percent of its cases involved Pakistani nationals and 25 percent involved Bangladeshi nationals".

In other words, 90% of its total case load. In an article published in the Montreal Gazette in June of this year the FMU reports that "46 per cent of the nearly 600 cases of forced marriage it dealt with between January and May this year involved Pakistani nationals" alone.

Pakistan and Bangladesh are Muslim nations and while other cultures do engage in the practice of forced marriage it is a safe bet to state that it is most prevalent within Islamic cultures. Which leads me to wonder at Canada's effort to combat Forced Marriage.

In my search I came across this organization, AMFM Canada: the Alliance of Multicultural Agencies Against Forced Marriage in Canada, which runs the "Forced Marriage Project".

AMFM states that their project is: "... an awareness and education initiative. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of women, girls, men and boys in Canada are affected by forced marriage; however it is an issue that has not as yet been adequately addressed in Canada. As such, we approach the issue of forced marriage from an anti-oppressive, anti-racist position, viewing it primarily as a form of violence against women, which is sometimes used to control men and boys as well, and we seek to address it along with other forms of violence and domestic abuse.

Anti-oppressive and anti-racist? Now what does that mean? Well I sense that it means one must never mention Islam.

In fact in a site search of amfmcanada.ca I got exactly one hit for Islam. The link takes you to an "academic paper", Fernandez, S. (2009). The crusade over the bodies of women. Patterns of Prejudice, 43(3/4), 269-286. doi:10.1080/00313220903109185, which states that any mention of Islam in the context of Forced Marriage is Islamophobic!
Three guesses the first two don't count where AMFM gets the bulk of its financial support from:
AMFM is funded by Status of Women Canada in partnership with Agincourt Community Services Association. In other words your tax dollars are funding a distorted pathetic left-wing pantomime.
The good news is that within a quarter century, advances in robotics will moot much of the problem. Richer countries will no longer need to import scads of uneducated retrogrades and their quaint tribal practices to work for low wages at the most menial tasks.

Sorry; robotics has no solution as yet for left-wing airheads.

Nonsense...of course there's a solution...
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