Thursday, April 30

Split Second

 New York Times 4/26:
"In the seconds before the earthquake struck, Mr. Lama said, it felt as if it suddenly became very windy outside. Birds flew away in a frenzy. He grabbed his 2-year-old son and ran from the building as bricks fell on his head. On Sunday, among the dusty piles of debris that were once his home, were a pair of socks, pages of a book and a padlock."
But he and his son, alive.

I'm remembering what I wrote in 2011 in a post titled, The sciences of heaven and earth, the 'still small voice in the night,' and earthquake prediction.  The reasoning informing Jim Berkland's prediction about an earthquake was very iffy and turned out to be a dud, but --
I'd say this is the time for Americans and Canadians living along the Ring of Fire to pay special attention to the behavior of their pets and neighborhood wildlife and to focus more inward, on the "still small voice" than on the passing show. ... 
Mr Lama knew how to listen. Gave him a split-second advantage.


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