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Sunday, September 11

Letter to U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff on the 15th anniversary of 9/11

You're trying to bail the ocean of terrorism by making better sieves. So you're at a crossroads; you can stand up and say this, or you can continue on, as the mercenary armies created by a host of governments generate terrorist groups that take orders only when it suits them.

At the bottom of it all is the borders imposed by the Westphalia treaty. As it's gotten harder for governments to conquer territory through overt force, they've resorted to subterfuges that by today are an art form. These include covert operations to sow or stoke unrest in a country, followed by the use of mercenaries, trained and armed by foreign governments, to create an uprising in the country, followed by armed intervention to quell the inevitable atrocities.

Along the way cherished American values such as constitutional democracy and law, civil rights, and nonviolent protests have been fashioned into tools for covert operations designed by governments to grab land.

You can stand up and say this or you can continue on, as attempts to create better anti-terrorism tactics generate industries that employ many people and elevate Special Forces into the military's most powerful branch, to the detriment of American defense.

Along the way Western civilization's premier modern defense pact, NATO, has degenerated into a gang ruled by rapacious leaders who use American military might and terrorist armies to assist their land grabs.

You can stand up and say this or you can continue on, as NATO countries lurch ever closer to nuclear war.

Pundita, an American citizen born and raised in the USA and whose reason for this blog since 2004 has been the 9/11 attack on America.

Are they really conquering?
Or trying to hold on? And reacting?

As for the war being the driver of corruption: no that's Oligarchical reinvention of government under the Clinton Crime Franchise.

As for Westphalian borders: they work badly in many places but very well in the West and I believe border wise in Latin America.

The Westphalia system works it just has to be respected.
I didn't write that the war is the driver of corruption but all this started long before Clinton; she and her cohorts just profited frm the system.

Re Westphalian system, it's a fragile defense against unrestricted conquest but it's the best humanity has got -- and yes, provided it's respected.

My point to the defense chiefs is that the modern era has produced very cunning ways to circumvent the system and that while the Cold War era could 'carry' this pussyfooting the present era can't. Reference my "Not Clockwork Orange Century" essay, which I posted on the very first day of this blog. I'm approaching 12 years of making this same point, and I don't know how much more I can keep repeating the same point. So it looks like it's time for me to pack it in.
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