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Wednesday, September 7

Um, is a top Saudi cleric a polytheist?

This is a very curious story but Sputnik was so busy being outraged at the cleric's call for victory over Jews, Christians, etc. that the editor didn't notice what was remarkable about his words. Oh well, maybe it's a just a translation mistake. Or maybe we never knew before that Wahabbists are polytheists:
Video of a daily prayer service at the Saudi Arabian Masjid al-Ḥarām, the largest mosque in the world, reveals a top Saudi imam calling for the killing of Shia Muslims, Jews, and Christians. This as the West continues to send billions of dollars worth of military aid to Riyadh.
Masjid al-Ḥarām, also known as the Sacred Mosque, or the Great Mosque of Mecca, surrounds the holiest place in Islam, the Kabba, in the city of Mecca. It is the center toward which Muslims globally pray, and the primary destination for pilgrimages.
“O Allah, grant victory, dignity and empowerment to our brothers Mujahideen (Jihadists) in Yemen,” the imam sings in Arabic. “In Sham (Syria), and Iraq, and everywhere. O Lords of the Worlds grant them victory over the godless Rafidah (Shia Muslims).”
He continues on in that vein against other nonbelievers. For the Arabic speakers there is video at Sputnik of his lecture, which aired on an Egyptian TV station, and is probably plastered all over the internet by now.

But what I want to know is what Lords he's talking about -- and for that matter what worlds. I thought only the followers of Elijah Muhammad 's teachings believed the human race was from outer space, or at least that Africans were from another planet.

I wonder if MEMRI has translated the Saudi's words yet. They have really good Arabic translators. Give me a moment [taptaptaptap]  Well I don't see it but I did find a fascinating report there from French 24 TV. It's about the cottage industry of making automatic weapons and ammo in a Pakistani village. A knockoff AK-47 goes for 60 euros -- much less than a smart phone -- and took only 40 euros to make. The village and surrounding region is a hub for weapons buyers.

Private enterprise. Ain't nothing like it.

Meanwhile, Associated Press reported Saudi Arabia's top cleric says Iran's leaders 'not Muslims':
In comments to the Makkah newspaper, the top Saudi cleric was quoted as saying that Khamenei's remarks are "not surprising" because Iranians are descendants of "Majuws"— a term that refers to Zoroastrians and those who worship fire. Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic religion predating Christianity and Islam and was the dominant religion in Persia before the Arab conquest.
"We must understand they are not Muslims, for they are the descendants of Majuws, and their enmity toward Muslims, especially the Sunnis, is very old," the Saudi cleric said.
No word from AP on whether the cleric thinks Zoroastrians are from outer space.

Hi Pundita:

It appears that the phrase "Lord of the worlds" appears 73 times in the Qur'an, but the simplest explanation suggests that this refers to this world (dunya), heaven (jannah), and hell (jahannam). As to "Lords" -- surely a typo, not shirk!

But you were probably having fun!
Thank you for clearing that up, Charles. But just think of the implications if it isn't a typo. who me? having fun?
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