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Friday, September 23

Moon of Alabama Fundraiser -- only the second one in 12 years

Everyone who regularly reads MoA knows why it's an extraordinarily worthy site to keep on the blogosphere. I'd put it in the top five Syrian War analysis sites -- and the only site that is the work of just one person. So please help out with a donation. 

Some of the author's readers have suggested what seems to be crowd-funding site as an alternative to PayPal or a bank wire transfer; from the MoA comment section:

B [...] There is a site called "Patreon" where "fans" / followers of a site or an artist can tithe a monthly amount, usually only $1 or $2 (that's all that was asked for in the case of the 2 sites I pledge to). 

The advantage is that you, the recipient, know nearly exactly how much money is coming in & when, allowing for forward planning. It comes out of the donors bank account on the last day of the month / first day of the following month & they charge only a small percentage. I'm not a fan of Pay Pal & frankly don't have a spare $20 or $50 lying about to give, But a couple of bucks from a couple of hundred of your fans a month will help out I'm sure.

Thanks for all your work over the years B - it has been a Godsend in cutting through the (((MSM))) crap & I'll definitely put in if you launch a Patreon account.
Chris in Ch-Ch
Posted by: KiwiCris | Sep 22, 2016 8:55:45 PM | 36
Shit sorry forgot the link https://www.patreon.com/
Posted by: KiwiCris | Sep 22, 2016 9:00:23 PM | 37

From "b," MoA's author: 

You can donate with a credit card through the PayPal button below.
More preferable though are direct payments. Transaction costs are less for direct bank-wire transfers, for cashing checks or simply cash. Please email me atMoonofA @ aol.com (discard the blanks) for the necessary contact data.

I am willing to accept large sums. If you have access to a big heritage, some charitable foundation funds or other pots of money, please don't hesitate to use it. Seriously.

Thank you very much,
b aka Bernhard

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