Friday, August 23

"Syrian Army Sets Up Safe Corridor amid Terrorists' Attempts to Use Civilians as Human Shields"

The headline is from the same August 22 FARS report I quoted in my last post. Here's how the report begins:
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army prepared a safe passage for civilians to leave the terrorist-held areas in Southern Idlib and Northern Hama amid militants' attempts to take them hostage in Northern Hama.

An official source in the Syrian foreign ministry said that the army has set up a safe corridor in Souran region in Northern Hama after continued pressures by the terrorist groups in Northern Syria on the civilians.
The terrorist groups intend to prevent the Syrian army's advance in Hama and Idlib by using civilians as human shields after the Syrian army gained control over the strategic town of Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib and laid full siege on the regions occupied by the militants in Northern Hama.
Meantime, the Arabic-language Dampress website reported that nearly 5,000 terrorists along with the Turkish army forces have been fully besieged in Murak [aka Morek] after the army surrounded 207sq/km of regions in Northern Hama.

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