Thursday, August 8

Yippee! US, Turkey, agree on new Peace Corridor in Syria!

Now is this new Peace Corridor going to work as well as the previous Peace Corridor? Probably. All that the Kurds in the region of the new Peace Corridor have to do is move out and surrender all their heavy weapons. All that the Arab mercenaries in the region have to do is cross their hearts and hope to die if they don't respect the new Peace Corridor. 

Here's the SouthFront report on the agreement if you're interested; the New York Times also has an article about it.

Meanwhile, a senior Syrian parliamentarian has warned that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have created a new plan to set up terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. From FARS, August 6:
"The US presently intends to pave the way for emergence of terrorist groups under new names and appearances in Syria and Iraq by creating chaotic situation in the region,” the Arabic-language al-Rased news website quoted Syrian lawmaker Mohammad Jookhdar as saying.
Has Mr Jookhdar been living in a cave for the past seven years? This isn't a new plan; at least for Syria, it's the same old plan. All that changes is the name of the groups. The funding, arming, and training of the groups is done by the same players, and the pool of mercenaries is the same

As to whatever happened to the famous Idlib Offensive, FARS is reporting it's going to happen soon. It's been going to happen soon -- is that a sentence? Am I writing English? -- for, let me see, many months. Of course, the Syrian Army could always surprise us.

For those readers who remain very determined to comprehend what has been going on with the Syrian War, SouthFront has twice in recent days published a video they put together, SYRIA 2018-2019 AND THE NEXT LOOP OF THE GREAT GAME

The video provides the clearest explanation of military events in Syria during the past year and where things are headed. No transcript because the video is quite long -- 16 minutes if I recall -- but the time spent on watching it is worthwhile if you insist on orientation in a Middle Eastern version of Wonderland.  Of course, Americans should make the effort to get oriented, but where's the fun in understanding what one's government is up to in foreign lands?


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