Saturday, August 19

"Don't you worry bout a thing"

This rendition of "Don't you worry bout a thing" from the classic Inner Visions album was sung at Stevie Wonder's blowout performance at the O2 Arena in London in 2008. The audience singing along in parts makes this version a special joy. (I ignored the backup singers doing silly vogueing moves during the song although their voices were okay).

The rendition is from a two-hour concert, beautifully filmed and recorded over two nights by a top-notch production crew. What I've heard so far of the concert is Stevie and his band at the top of their form and a great audience 'jamming' along. I love the lilting "All I do" starting at the 17:17 mark. I wish the sax solo had been longer but the concert had to zip through a playlist of 31 songs. 

See the YouTube notes for the playlist and personnel.


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