Sunday, August 27

Live coverage Houston floods rescue work, continuous updates UPDATE 8/28 - 9:45 AM EDT

The network is still on YouTube but the link below calls up a msg at YouTube that the video isn't available. I guess this means they've at least temporarily suspended live streaming of the Houston/Harvey situation.  Maybe so the anchor could get some sleep lol. (He'd been in the hotseat for at least 10 hours straight when last I checked.)  


Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube.  They've been streaming live for five hours now. They will be live streaming all night about the flooding and related Harvey news. The anchor just mentioned that Houston caught a small break in that while it's been raining in areas all around the city, the rain has held off in the city for hours.

(Commenter at YouTube site says there's a report that rain will start again in Houston half hour.) The bad news is that the storm is projected to head back to the water (picking up huge more amounts moisture) then return to land. 

RSB anchor just read out news report published 6:30 PM that any break in heavy Houston rain is just temporary; heavy rain there will continue for days.   


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