Tuesday, August 22

Pentagon do you want to fight Taliban or Iran and Russia in Afghanistan?

Now you listen to me. You better learn and practice the meaning of the word "focus" before you get even more American troops killed in Afghanistan for no good reason.  

What did Putin say in December 2015? He said, "One powerful fist." That's what he said the approach must be if governments want to beat the terrorists. 

What does one powerful fist mean? It means every government wanting to vanquish the terrorist armies staying focused on cooperating on that single goal.

But focus and cooperation are impossible if on Mondays the Gulf kingdoms want to beat each other and on Tuesdays NATO wants to beat Russia and on Wednesdays Israel wants to beat Iran and on Thursdays and Fridays the U.S. wants please the entire lot of scatterbrained governments and on Saturdays the U.S. Congress and E.U. Parliament want to play their ideas of geopolitical chess.

Leaving only Sundays for focusing on beating the terrorists.

So I don't care how many more troops you plan on deploying to Afghanistan under Trump because under Obama you and your ISAF coalition were so scatterbrained you couldn't make do when you had 100,000 troops to play around with.  

And you can talk all you want about your new "conditions-based" strategy in A'stan; if you can't focus on a goal for 15 minutes at a time, even the best strategy will not work.

Don't chatter at me about civilians in Washington forcing you to act like jumping beans. If you're being pushed around to the point where you can't do your job -- resign your posts. Resign en masse. That'll get the American public's attention.

Here's something to say in front of a microphone if you ever mustered enough focus to resign as a group: 

'Realize every bad guy with a suicide belt is watching the United States military constantly fall down, constantly screw up. This has given the bad guys a courage they shouldn't have, a courage that is getting many innocent civilians and good soldiers killed and holding entire nations hostage.'


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