Sunday, October 8

[flipping a pen in the air]

The campaign of communitary mobilisation in the Muslim countries relies on some particularly shocking visuals. This photograph was published by the Turkish government. It is supposed to show the Muslim victims of Buddhist monks in Burma. It is in fact an old photo of a funeral ceremony for the victims of an earthquake in China.

Political Islam against China
by Thierry Meyssan
October 3, 2017
Voltaire Network
You are probably aware that you are incompletely informed about what is brewing in Myanmar, and you probably haven’t heard about the military coalition that is preparing to attack that country. And yet, as Thierry Meyssan reveals here, these current events have been in preparation by Riyadh and Washington since 2013. Don’t take sides before you read this article and digest the information.

I haven't read the article yet; I just saw the photo. So what else is new. It never ends with these people. They can't stop machinating.


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