Monday, October 9

Sometimes there's nothing to be done but Charleston, just Don't Bring Lulu

Here's the barnraising Charleston dance song, Don't Bring Lulu -- this version sung by "the singing barman," Smacka Fitzgibbon, who seemed born to sing 1920s jazz, "recorded live at the Darnum Hotel with Graeme Bell on the piano on the outskirts of Melbourne in the early 1950s."

For purists here's what seems to be the original 1925 recording sung by Billy Murray; this version at YouTube posts the wonderfully silly lyrics to the song.  

As there are maybe 2 billion How to Charleston videos at YouTube -- go for it! The basic step isn't hard to learn:

The Cow Tail step is a little more complicated although it doesn't require math lol

And here's the same teacher as above in a fab Charleston exhibition along with two guys and another gal. Yes, the secret of the dance is loose limbs.  


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