Tuesday, July 12

Dave Schuler defends!

One post up today (Fire up the cellphone...). Also, two readers responded to yesterday's Parrots of Heaven... post with good points, which I inserted along with my reply at the end of essay. And now, Pundita dives for the bunker while Dave defends against criticism I launched against him in the same essay...

"Dear Pundita:

Loved your Parrots of Heaven post!

It's not that I particularly admire academics, but I tend to be an integrative thinker--I try to hook ideas together in interesting ways. Ong's book came along LONG after I was in school or studying such things actively. I just happened
to stumble across it somewhere or other.

And about the furry friends. My twelve-times great-grandfather, who drafted the Swiss articles of confederation and is now the patron saint of Switzerland, is reputed to have lived in a cave with only a bear for companionship (after leaving his wife and 12 children).

If you've checked my archives you'll have learned that I'm a member of a dog pack. My constant companions are a group of quite wolfy dogs, one of whom is my familiar (or spirit guide). His name is Qila, Kendara's Spirit Guide, WSXM. "Qila" is Inuit for a shaman's familiar.

Dave Schuler
The Glittering Eye"
Pundita's whispered aside to the reader:
Notice how people who are owned by a dog always conceive of it in democratic terms; e.g., "I'm a member of a dog pack."

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