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John Loftus weighs in on Palestine-Israel

"Dear Pundita:
Regarding your posts about the Muslim Brotherhood-Nazi connection. Thank you for discussing such an important issue. Sadly, too many people are in flat denial about the Arab Nazis. As you pointed out, it is quite simple to verify. If you have questions about the issue please feel free to contact me.
John Loftus
International Intelligence Summit

Dear John:
Actually I do have a question but first you might be surprised to learn that we met at the 2005 National Intelligence Conference, although I was not introduced as Pundita. However, you might remember me. I was wearing a sea foam green plaid suit with a pink silk flower and matched set of pearl earrings and necklace and I nearly shorted out the conference's electrical system when I spilled a pitcher of water near a keynote speaker.

Your letter points up that the Arab-Nazi connection goes beyond the Muslim Brotherhood. However, while the Europeans seem in denial about this connection, I submit that few Americans outside academic, intelligence and military circles are aware that Nazism continued to flourish after World War Two ended.

But Nazism did not walk to the Middle East on its own feet. Nor did it stay there after the war without encouragement from Western intelligence agencies. Yet when one speaks about the pervasive hatred of Jews among the Arabs, once again, peoples in 'underdeveloped' countries are blamed for mischief made by the Europeans.

Those who would say that the Arabs were free to reject Nazi teachings are not knowledgeable about the era or human nature. Peoples in underdeveloped lands -- underdeveloped by Western standards -- are a vessel for ideas brought to them by a wealthy culture that uses vast amounts of money and the trappings of authority to promulgate ideas among very poor people.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that Arabs and Jews managed to live in peace for centuries until Europeans sympathetic to the ideas of Nazism spread a doctrine of racial hatred in the Middle East. Yet Arab enmity toward the Jews is blamed on Islam and the creation of the Israeli state.

So my question to you is this: if the strongly European elements in the Israeli government and the European elements strongly influencing the Palestinian governing authority could be somehow induced to sit down and shut up, what are the chances for speedy, genuine agreement between the two sides?

My sense is that in order to get rid of the last corrupt vestiges of Arafat's machine, the Palestinian people will vote for Hamas. Then, they will dump Hamas by voting for their local clan leaders. Once the foreign fighters (post-Oslo returnees) are removed from power, then yes, I think there is a real chance that the Palestinians and Israelis will sit down together.

Most Palestinians tell me the same thing: "We don't want Jewish extremists. We don't want Arab extremists. We want the tourists back."

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Thanks to John for his comments. Just see what happens when people get a little freedom to direct their own affairs. An epidemic of common sense breaks out.

I'm also glad to learn about the 2006 intelligence summit. From a quick visit to the website, I see that exhibitors and attendees can save a bundle if they sign up early. This conference looks to be even better than Intelcon, although I must say I learned a great deal at the Intelcon seminars. Pundita takes her duties as a citizen much more seriously after that conference.

Pundita readers really do need to put eyes on the Middle East. That means we should bone up on the history of the Israeli-Palestine situation. No groans. Think of it as a root canal; the sooner we do it, the better.

To make things as painless as possible, Pundita has found an article by David Meir-Levi at Front Page Magazine on the topic that is a rarity: although it's by a scholar in Near Eastern affairs, it's written in business rather than academic English.* And with points organized in such fashion as to present a coherent picture of a situation that generations of American and European journalists, scholars and Agenda Heads did their best to render arcane.

Palestine Myth and Reality.

Noon Update - Email from "Liz"
"Have read the Front Page column you featured and found it the best summary. For more detail (mind-numbing detail, perhaps) try these:

Palestine Facts

Jewish Virtual Library

They are, of course, written from a POV supporting Israel, but I have found a number of verifiable facts in the data. Hard to fake...."

Pundita has not had time to study all the data at the above sites but readers familiar with "Liz" from our dialogue about US security issues will understand why I trust her opinion of a source's value enough to share it with Pundita readers.

* 5:00 PM UPDATE
"Dear Pundita:
Thanks for running my piece. One correction: I am not a scholar of the Middle East. I am an insurance broker and investment professional. Note my attached bioblurb.
David Meir-Levi"

Dear Mr. Meir-Levi:
This explains everything -- why your report is so clear, so concise, so coherent....

I had found your bio on the Internet -- incidentially I was miffed at Front Page because they didn't carry info about the report's author, which tends to undercut it for those looking for credentials.

Yes I can see how you would want to split hairs so as not to be tarred and feathered by Academia; technically you are not a scholar because you don't have a PhD and you have a 'day' job. Okay, we'll define you as a businessman-educator-scholar.

But Pundita defends calling you a scholar because for the purposes of my writing, someone with a BA in Near Eastern studies and professorial-level teaching should qualify as -- Pundita will roll on this one -- as an 'expert.'

Actually, I recently featured another of your reports (discovered at the same time as the Palestine Myth-Reality) about how the terror contingent had ripped off the Palestinians. I had meant to do a blog on your Myth-Reality report almost immediately after, then send you notification of both, but things came up. I will dig up the URL to the earlier blog and send it along.

Thank you for letter and the correction.

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