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London Train bombings: early reports, pieces in a jigsaw puzzle

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From Friday John Batchelor show:

> John Loftus reports that it's looking as if a "local hothead" AQ "franchise" cell carried out the bombings. (In other words, AQ didn't risk exposing their best sleeper cells - Pundita.)

> Yossef Bodansky reports that the bomb material is expensive, military grade and bears some earmarks of the same material used in the Madrid train bombings. There are indications the material is part of large shipment stolen from a base in Yugoslavia some years back. The British government is awaiting a sample of the material. The Iranian military was involved in the heist, has a huge covert presence in Yugoslavia, and personally oversees bombmaking for terrorist cells moving in and out of the region.

> Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi of Iran Press News reports that her sources in Iran tell her that the London bombings were directed by the Iranian military; this was to send a message to Britain not to push Iran on nuclear weapons program and to Vienna not to push the criminal investigation of Iran's new president.

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Speaking quite frankly, I would not be surprised to learn that Zand-Bonazzi's sources are also currently blaming global warming and male pattern baldness on the Iranian regime. But there is no doubt that Tehran is alarmed about strong hints that Britain is leading the EU to considering a tougher stance on Iran's nuclear program. This from a July 5 story:
WASHINGTON – AFP- The European Union will not accept a resumption of any nuclear arms activitiy by Iran, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douse-Blazy said Tuesday after talks with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

"The Europeans will never accept a resumption of the Iranian military nuclear activity," he told reporters with Rice by his side after their meeting at the State Department.
For the rest of the report visit Iran Press News at this URL:

I repeat the warning I mentioned in the update to my last post: Traditional military wisdom is that in war, the first three reports are often wrong. News consumers (including Batchelor and his sources) are working with 'mosaics' -- bits and pieces of data, in the manner of forensic investigators, and as more pieces are obtained the picture can change. But it's vital to pay attention to the data because al Qaeda, the regime in Tehran and their stoodges are trying to 'spin' the London bombings as being the fault of the British because their government stood with the US administration on Iraq.

That is a crock. All President Bush did was flush into the open a war that's been going on for more than a decade, and which is not grounded in the Israel-Palestine dispute. All Tony Blair did was the right thing -- how right, the story will come out soon enough.

The Europeans need to keep one thing uppermost in mind: the sleeper cells that al Qaeda installed in Europe predate the Afghanistan and Iraq operations. And the cells were not installed for the fun of having a secret society.

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