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Satellite channels for John Batchelor Show and other questions

In answer to questions:

> See today's earlier post for the satellite radio channels and where to access them.

> My guess is that much of John's Monday show will be given to discussing the London Train bombings.

> A caution for overseas readers who hope they can follow the show by visiting John's website: The news reports and guest names he features in the daily lineup portion of the website are only a ballpark indication of what a segment will be about.

Until such time as the entire broadcast is archived on the show's website, if that ever happens, you need to listen to the show to get his source's reports. Also, depending on how news is breaking, the reports can sometimes be at wide variance from the list of topics on the website.

> If I were three people I would type up my notes on every Batchelor segment over the coming weeks that discusses evidence/expert opinion about the London Train bombings. While I have done this on occasion for other Batchelor reports and other radio shows (recall my notes on Drudge interview with Gertz on China-North Korea), I cannot do it on a regular basis. I hope my readers in the United Kingdom understand. And really, my notes are a poor substitute for the reports from Batchelor's sources.

> As to whether what Eddie Hayes said on the air last night during Batchelor's show is true, which is that the ratings for John's show are bigger than the circulation numbers for The New York Times -- Eddie is a big-name attorney with a reputation for integrity so I doubt he would have said it, if it wasn't true. But if this question is important to you kindly write John Batchelor (his email address is posted on the show's website) and ask him. Or spend hours trying to plumb the arcane notations at the byzantine Arbitron website (I tried two years ago and gave up).

I will note that anecdotal reports I've heard over the years tend to support Eddie's observation. What is certain is that the reporters and other sources, including the "superstar" media figures who guest on John's show, do it for free. This would include Larry Kudlow, the British media journalist John Terrett, and a host of top reporters for major press here and in Europe in Asia (including reporters who do stories for The New York Times).

All that is volunteer work. While their primary motive is surely to help John's audience get the 'real' story, they know they are not talking into a black hole in USA radio-land. And they know the audience for John's show is global.

> As to why you can't find taped broadcasts and/or transcripts of the show on the Batchelor website -- I don't know; kindly write Batchelor and ask him.

> I was supposed to get a breather this weekend but as you can see I'm still at my -- er, post. However, the next post will not be until Monday, even if the breaking news is North Korea has agreed to rejoin the Six-Party talks, which it happens to be. Check Marmot's Hole and Simon World (see Pundita sidebar under China/Korea's heading for the links) for comments on the latest act in the Tehran-Pyongyang-Beijing Three Ring circus. And don't forget to stop by American Future for the latest from the EU.

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