Monday, July 4

The era of Political Correctness draws to a close, thank God

July 5, 2:15 Update: Marc Schulman just sent another eye-popper Luxembourg Set To Vote on EU Constitution. The stunning news is that the last poll showed 45% of the voters turned against the constitution and the number fast rising. This is amazing; just a few months ago polls showed that close to 70% were going to vote yes.

So much is happening so fast in Europe that it's hard to keep track of it. Luckily Pundita readers have access to American Future's intrepid correspondent to help keep track of what seems to be a "No, Nope, Forgitaboutit" revolution building across Europe.
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The Pundita Blogroll has been restored. To keep the peace I have placed Belmont Club under the creative heading, "His Own Category."

If you have been twitching with anticipation over the holiday to read the latest on the run-up to the G-8 meeting, visit American Future for the roundup; look on his right sidebar for the titles. You can start with this gem, which is the best news I've had so far this century: British-French food fight.

It is refreshing and I think a healthy sign that European leaders are finally coming out and saying what they really think, or pretty close to it. This is a trend started by George W. Bush. It could be that by the time he leaves office leaders all over the world will be discovering that once in a while it's okay to say what you really think.

Of course all this frankness won't make Beijing happy but one never knows; it could be they'll get into the swing of the idea that language is supposed to convey reality, not mask it.

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