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Bangkok bombings: Police release images of 2 people sought; 2 arrest warrants issued UPDATED

UPDATE 10:00am EDT
From CNN report today, updated 8:19am EDT:
Wanna Suansan [see below] originally from Phang Nga, a province in southern Thailand, [police spokesman] Prawut told CNN. She is the only suspect Thai authorities have identified by name to date, but her mother has told police that she left Thailand two months ago "to stay with her husband in Turkey," Col. Saharat Saksilapachai said.
"Arrest warrants were issued this afternoon for 26-year-old Wanna Suansan, a Thai national; and an unidentified foreign man, a police sketch of which is at right. Images: Royal Thai Police"

The photo of Wanna is taken from a national identification card.  The two images and following report were published at Khaosod English. Before featuring an excerpt from the report I want to mention that in an earlier post, which I've since corrected, I wrote that the forged passports found by police in the arrested suspect's apartment were blank. Some of them were blank, according to the police spokesperson.  However, one report mentioned that the Thai police were trying to track down the people who are named/ photographed on the passports. This means at least some of the 200+ passports were filled in.

Bangkok Bombing: Warrants Out for Thai Woman, Foreign Man
31 August 2015, last updated at 13:13:00 GMT

Khaosod English

BANGKOK — Arrest warrants for a Thai woman and a foreign national suspected of involvement in the bomb attacks earlier this month were issued this afternoon following a second raid conducted in the capital’s Min Buri district.

Following the arrest of a foreign man in Bangkok’s eastern suburbs and a second raid elsewhere turned up a large quantity of bomb-making materials, a court this afternoon issued fresh warrants for two more people suspected of involvement in the 17 Aug. Erawan Shrine bombing.

“We would like to ask owners of apartments, dorms or rental houses that have foreign residents whose appearances match these descriptions to immediately contact security officers, because these individuals may have materials that could be dangerous to the buildings and other residents,” Lt. Gen Prawuth Thawornsiri, police spokesman, said this afternoon in a televised address.

One warrant is for 26-year-old Wanna Suansan, a Thai woman said to have rented out a Min Buri room raided Saturday night, where authorities said they found bomb-making materials. The other suspect is an unnamed man whose nationality has not been confirmed.

In a photograph of what authorities said is Wanna’s national ID card, she is shown wearing hijab. The other suspect is an unnamed man whose nationality has not been confirmed, Prawuth said.

Forty soldiers and police officers converged on a Min Buri apartment building where they believe Wanna was staying. They discovered illegal materials including two bags of fertilizer, gunpowder, bolts, remote-controlled toys, electric bulbs and digital watches, according to Prawuth.

The building is located in a Muslim enclave near a mosque and shops selling hijab and halal food. 

According to Police Col. Susak Parakmakul, a senior officer with the Bangkok Metropolitan Police, previous arrests were made in the same district two years ago of suspected bomb makers. He declined to conclude whether the fertilizer and gunpowder found in Saturday’s raid was related to Erawan Shrine bombing.

“We have to wait for the forensic police to investigate the evidence in details to determine whether these [evidence] are related to the bomb incident at Ratchaprasong intersection,” Susak said yesterday.



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