Tuesday, August 18

How to tell COAS Gen. Raheel Sharif and PM Nawaz Sharif apart

This isn't an official greeting; just dropped in to say Hi 

Oh for heaven's sake we let him review the Honor Guard just to jolly him along 

Top photo H/T Army Support Bolsters Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif (Financial Times, Aug 18, 2015):
Gen Sharif meets foreign leaders and at times seems like the head of government. Pakistani media even pictured him at Downing Street in January with David Cameron, UK prime minister, although British officials say Mr Cameron merely “dropped in” on a meeting between Gen Sharif and Sir Kim Darroch, then national security adviser, with no intention of being photographed.
President Obama laughs at PM Nawaz Sharif's jokes 

Gen. Raheel Sharif doesn't tell jokes.


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