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Tuesday, November 17

Bomb meant for German soccer stadium was truck bomb disguised as ambulance UPDATED

AFP is reporting on Twitter that there were no explosives found at the stadium. See the website for details. Still a fog of war situation. However, WaPo's sources at the U.S. State Department are very good.  


That's from a Washington Post report today timestamped 4:26 PM EST. So it could be the "suspicious suitcases" authorities were initially directed to were red herring.

Another detail from the WaPo report that wasn't carried in earlier reports is that the "key" warning came just 15 minutes before the stadium gates were opened for fans.

The Wapo report mentions that a soccer game in Belgium was canceled, although there are no details.

 The report also provides the latest news on the hunt for suspects in the 11/13 attack.

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