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Tuesday, November 17

The real refugee crisis hasn't even started yet

Here’s How Much Groundwater We Actually Have Left

11/17/15  -  3:54 PM EST

There's a graphic accompanying the report. We've known for about two years that the groundwater situation was bad. But water scientists have learned it's worse than they'd realized at first. 

These people are are not crying 'Wolf.' Understand?

The present refugee crisis is an artificial one except for the Syrians who were fleeing severe drought earlier in the decade -- and it can be argued even that had an artificial aspect. This because the 'International Community,' a.k.a. U.S. and its EU and Gulf Arab buddies wanted Assad gone so badly it wouldn't lift a finger to help Syrians during the drought. This is despite the fact it had no problem pulling out the stops for African dictators who faced drought. Hell, they even sent food to North Korea's regime.  

The rest is due to war, and organized crime and corrupt government officials cashing in on the desire of many people in economically strapped countries to relocate to Europe.

But take one look at the graphic to see that the real refugee crisis isn't here yet. This is all the more reason to make short work of Terror, Inc. We need the decks cleared so we can focus on trying to mitigate what will be the most serious crisis of our time.

No more of this, 'Oh it's going to be a generational struggle.' Just bomb them into the ground, then we'll see how much of a generational struggle is left to deal with. 



Terror.Inc has the best firms in Washington employed as Foreign Registered Agents [FARA] under the guise of working for Saudi Arabia.


Now we face this first or forget the rest.

As for action DC and the EU are acting. Ruthlessly. They've opened their own nations borders to overwhelmingly Military Aged Males [soldiers by default-be assured] from conflict zones in MENA and LATAM. This is because DC and the EU have realized their own populations aren't under their thumb at the moment they need them there the most.
Never doubt they're capable of clear analysis and ruthless action. Against us.

We're not in a position to help the little darlings. They however have been placed in position to harm us.
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