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Thursday, November 26

Well, Mr Obama, you know what the Natives did to the Pilgrims when they figured out Pilgrims were there to grab their lands

President Obama Compares Syrian Refugees to Mayflower Pilgrims, Administration Says States Can't Block Them

You might also recall what the foreign land grabbers then did to the Natives. 

Always helpful to think through our analogies before we utter them in front of a microphone.  



We are the Indians.

We have been for some time and we're only just now realizing.

History repeats and rhymes and the Rhyme of History in the New World is Coastal Newcomers moving against the backwards natives inland...as is happening now to Americans. M'ericans.

Standing in the way of Progress and we know what that means.

This is a recursive conflict in the Americas. In any case it's our fate now.

We are in somewhat better position.

For which we may be Thankful today.
Yes indeed. Happy Thanksgiving, B.

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