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Sunday, November 15

Pakistan's real boss wants Obama to pressure Afghans into accepting Pakistan's terms

I hope they don't give in. I hope they can hold out to the Spring, by which time Russia will be finished cleaning out the Augean Stables in Syria and can turn to ridding Afghanistan of Pakistan's mercenary army. 

No, there has been no change in the US position; you can easily see this from a sentence in the VOA report, below: 
Pakistan’s role is seen as critical to bring the insurgents to the peace table because of its past ties to the Islamist group that Afghan officials allege remain intact.
In other words the Obama regime still refuses to acknowledge that the "insurgents" are bought and paid for by Pakistan and that the Afghan government has long had proof of this.  

But the Obama regime is in a pickle since the Get Russia crowd's antics managed to get the North Distribution Network shut down. This means NATO is dependent on Pakistan for all supplies delivered to Afghanistan by ground. 

Pakistan Military Chief to Visit US
by Ayaz Gul
November 15, 2015 - 7:37 AM EST
Voice of America (VOA)

Pakistan's military chief General Raheel Sharif is to begin a crucial five-day visit to the United States on Monday. Officials say that “pressing issues” such as regional counterterrorism and Afghan peace efforts will top the agenda of the meetings with top American officials. 
General Sharif is scheduled to meet with his U.S. military counterparts and the director of the CIA. The two sides are expected to review security and anti-terrorism cooperation.
The general is also scheduled to hold important talks with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ash Carter, says a senior Pakistani official with knowledge of the agenda. 
Counterterrorism efforts
He told VOA requesting anonymity that General Sharif will brief U.S. leaders on successes of counterterrorism military operations to secure the volatile northwestern region, which borders Afghanistan.
The anti-insurgency offensive, dubbed as Zarb-e-Azb, was launched nearly 18 months ago in the militant-dominated semiautonomous North Waziristan tribal district and has since been expanded to other parts of Pakistan. 
[There's more in the report but I don't want to lose my dinner]

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