Thursday, October 20

"Russian MoD livestreams from Aleppo as civilians leave militant-held areas"

As to where all the civilians are, see last report below

Photo montage: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Published time: 20 Oct, 2016 08:38
Livestream videos from web cameras installed along ‘humanitarian corridors’ in Aleppo, as well as real time drone footage, are now available at Russia’s MoD website, providing a closer look at what is happening in the city amid a provisional ceasefire.
Four web cameras have been set up on the western part of the Castello Road in Aleppo, showing ‘humanitarian corridors’ and a Syrian army checkpoint in the Marsharqa neighborhood.
A separate camera mounted on a surveillance drone brings you a bird’s eye view of the area meant to help civilians, as well armed militants, leave eastern Aleppo.
You can watch any of the livestreams at the Defense Ministry’s website.
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists Open Fire at Civilians Leaving Aleppo - Militia
13:36 20.10.2016 (updated 13:41 20.10.2016)

Al-Nusra Front militants have opened fire at civilians who wanted to leave Aleppo via the Bustan al-Qasr humanitarian corridor, a militia source told RIA Novosti.

Several people have been wounded, the source said. "Some 2,000 – 2,500 civilians who wanted to use the corridors and flee eastern Aleppo gathered in Bustan al-Qasr. Al-Nusra [Front] militants opened fire and did not allow them to leave. Several people were wounded," the source said.

Earlier, Aleppo residents told RIA Novosti that Jabhat Fatah al-Sham terrorist group formerly known as al-Nusra Front threatened to shoot Syrian civilians planning to leave eastern Aleppo through six allocated humanitarian corridors.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu declared on Tuesday that an eight-hour pause in Russian and Syrian airstrikes would be observed starting early Thursday to allow aid agencies bring lifesaving aid to Aleppo and evacuate the sick and the wounded. On Wednesday, it was extended by three hours. A total of eight humanitarian routes have been opened to allow people escape the besieged city – six are intended for civilians and two for militants willing to lay down their arms.


No One Using Aleppo Exit Routes Hours After Humanitarian Pause Comes Into Force
13:04 20.10.2016 (updated 13:05 20.10.2016)

No one so far has used exit routes from Aleppo, hours after a humanitarian ceasefire had come into force in the Syrian city, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported on Thursday.

ALEPPO (Sputnik) — Buses and ambulances are still waiting for evacuees, ready to bring them to safety, the correspondent said. No fighting has been reported near the Castello road in northern Aleppo.


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