Thursday, October 20

"Terrorists shell humanitarian corridor with mortars as civilians near Aleppo try to flee" BREAKING NEWS (UPDATED 3:20 AM EDT)

Sputnik's report has a little more information than the RT breaking news report below (emphasis mine):

Terrorists opened fire from mortars and small arms at a humanitarian corridor in the Bustan al Qasr neighborhood in the Syrian city of Aleppo, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported Thursday.

ALEPPO (Sputnik) — At least six mines have detonated in Bustan al Qasr west of the Sour al Hal market since early Thursday. Meanwhile, terrorists opened fire at the humanitarian pause checkpoint from a distance of 650 feet.

A more quiet atmosphere is observed at the second humanitarian corridor near the Castello Road in northern Aleppo ahead of the scheduled evacuation. A planned 11-hour pause in airstrikes on terrorist positions came into effect in Aleppo at 05:00 GMT to let civilians leave the city along six corridors, in addition to two corridors opened for militants.



October 20, 2016
Published time: 20 Oct, 2016 06:57
Edited time: 20 Oct, 2016 07:07

Islamist militants have shelled a ‘humanitarian corridor’ set up to allow civilians to escape from the eastern Aleppo, RIA Novosti reported. The shelling came amid a ceasefire declared the by Syrian military and Russian Air Force.

At least six mortar shells were fired into the ‘humanitarian corridor’ by militants in the Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood of eastern Aleppo. Small arms fire was also directed at a Syrian army checkpoint, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday.

The exit from the corridor is approximately 200 meters from Islamist positions and apparently within reach of their small arms and mortar fire, according to the report.




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