Saturday, October 15

Saturday Potluck

Too chicken to tour North Korea? Reading Simon Buckby's account is the next best thing to actually going.

Before the Black Death there was cocoliztli -- and the horror disease's connection to mega-drought.

Confronting Modernity: Why the Revival of Islamic Sufism Matters

Why are today's multilateral talks about Syria being held in Lausanne? Because they got tired of the cheese danish at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva.

The high-level meeting at the White House yesterday about Syria that wasn't.  (Actually there was a meeting, of sorts.)  

British government has no strategy, no plan and only ‘phantom’ allies in Syria, scathing Commons report reveals. Of course they had a plan: Do whatever Al Saud and Al Thani say. 

U.S. Budget deficit increases to $587 billion

Nick Turse on the case again: U.S. military building $100 million drone base in Africa

U.S. fighter jets, troops have been deployed in E. Africa since July. Thanks for finally letting the American public know, AFRICOM!

Slouching toward war with Russia (Steve Cohen)

Why the West needs to treat Russia like a pariah (For readers who think Steve Cohen is just being paranoid)

Should Vladimir Putin be tried as a war criminal? 
(For readers who still think Steve is just being paranoid)

(For readers who invested in Bernie Madoff's hedge fund)

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