Monday, August 16

61 trucks loaded with 300 tons of explosives hijiacked in India

(H/T McNorman) My only editorial comment, addressed to Xinhua: Given the cargo,"go missing" is not quite the most apt way to describe what happened to the trucks. Xinhua:
61 trucks loaded with 300 tons of explosives go missing in central India

NEW DELHI, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Some 61 trucks loaded with over 300 tons of explosives have gone missing in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a senior police official said Friday.

"The trucks were sent from a state-owned factory, Rajasthan Explosives and Chemicals Limited, in Dholpur to a private company called Ganesh Explosives in the state's Sagar district. But it never reached there," the official said.

A massive search is on to track down the trucks as fear is mounting that if the explosives, including detonators and gelatin sticks, reach the wrong hands it could be devastating, he added.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan Explosives and Chemicals Limited has claimed that it can't be blamed for this disappearance as it sent explosives only in trucks authorized by the company.

"We hand over the explosives to those who have the license. And they then dispatch it on their truck. Now, whatever happens to that explosive thereafter, we are not responsible for that," Y.C. Upadhyay of the company said.

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