Friday, August 20

Mosque at Ground Zero: Well, from this I think we can surmise that dhimmitude is not Rajeev Srinivasan's strong suit

Achmed the Dead Terrorist
When Rajeev writes only for his blog he doesn't do things such as capitalize or add links to explain Indian terms; e.g., Rama temple in Ayodha, but I think readers outside India will have no trouble following the gist:
aug 20th, 2010

mosque as a mask of conquest

mohammedans think they have conquered america and want to rub it in with this utterly insensitive plan.

just like they have always built their mosques over the ruins of the places of worship of the people they conquered.

it is an emphatic statement: my god is bigger than your god.

and they don't like it when it is done to them. they cry a lot over the alhambra and the mosque in cordoba which the reconquering christians reconverted and reconsecrated.

what's good for the goose is good for the gander, one would think.

but no, they are mohammedans, they can do this to others (eg. the rama janmabhoomi in ayodhya). but no, nobody must do it to them, or they will -- kill them (the reference is to the utterly hilarious TV show with 'achmed the dead terrorist' and his ventriloquist. every timed achmed gets upset, he rolls his eyes at the audience and says, "i kill you".)
I only glanced at the Economist column he included as the reference link for his comments but from the title I got the impression the editors think Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque are Neanderthals.

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DocJim said...

There are Neanderthals remaining alive today. You can tell without looking, one simply reads the bizarre spin they apply to most any news event. One can make a list of a batch of these creatures by noting the names of the reporters and columnists at the NEW YORK TIMES or the London THE GUARDIAN.

Of course, many others exist and some put an elitist complex spin on their comments. Many examples of those can be found on any television set in the USA, looking at a news program is the quickest way to make a long list.