Tuesday, August 10

Afghan War: Pundita throws her shoes at the 'Get Russia' crowd

I see the great Helmand offensive may have to be delayed on account of NATO supply trucks in Pakistan floating into the Indus River.

This could have been avoided if years ago the U.S. had asked Russia for help with a safer route for supplies bound for Afghanistan -- one where the U.S. and European taxpayer didn't have to pay an estimated $4 million a year to the Taliban not to attack the supply route in Pakistan. These would be the same Students of the Koran killing NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Of course the route the Ruskis worked out would have been slower -- yet once in the pipeline, there would have been a steady stream of supplies.

But no, it wouldn't look right to ask Ivan for help seeing how the 'Get Russia' crowd on both sides of the Pond was trying to provoke a war with the Ruskis over Georgia and Ukraine.

So I just want to know if the Washington branch of the 'Get Russia' crowd is happy now. Is there anything else you can think of doing to screw up the U.S. war effort and get U.S. troops killed?

And I don't want to hear that almost nine years into the Afghan campaign the U.S. finally experimented with the route the Russians recommended. Yes I know all about that experiment -- and the little editorial statement the Pakistani military made about it. Don't sit there and look as if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Don't you tell me nobody can prove the arrival of the first shipment via the experimental route and the attack on the NATO supply near Islamabad happening on the same day wasn't a coincidence. Save it for the Americans who don't bother to read the news from Pakistan closely.

Go! In the name of God, go! All of you! Leave these shores and relocate yourselves and your lobbyists to Kiev! Better still, take up residence in Karachi.

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