Monday, August 23

Note re 'Mexico insurgency' and 'Balochistan' posts

> Because I published the 'Mexico insurgency' essay late on Friday afternoon I've reposted it at the top of essays I posted this weekend and early this morning. That's one essay I hope readers don't overlook.

> Within moments of publishing the Balochistan-Pak military post early this morning (time stamped 12:37 AM but actually published at 1:13 AM), I began to wonder if Pakistan's Nation newspaper had gotten one over. I quickly revised the post, but this is to alert readers who saw the post between 1:13 and 1:28 AM that there is an updated version, to which I added a link to B. Raman's July 31 analysis about the extent to which Islamabad has lost its grip on Balochistan.

> I was asking in the Cuernavaca post earlier today for a map of the regions in Mexico that were controlled by the drug gangs. The BBC included one in their Aug. 22 post on the beheadings in Cuernavaca.

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