Wednesday, August 25

Pundita blows a gasket, Part 2

At the request of a reader, at 5 PM ET I added links to comments I made in the Mexico post about US meddling in 2006 Mexico's presidential election.

Note that the Washington Post report I link to on Dick Morris does not explain why Manuel López Obrador told Vicente Fox to shut up during the presidential campaign. For that answer and the answers to many other things you'd need to read Mexico's Stolen Election, another link I added to the comments.

The report explains that Fox broke Mexican law by making anti-Obrador speeches during the campaign. Yet the opposition and their American consultants used Obrador's remark to portray him as a dangerous demagogue.

Isn't there a U.S. law against the U.S. government meddling in foreign elections? Yes, but the meddling is done through 'cutouts.' Old story. Yet while surveying the carnage on both sides of the U.S. southern border, and the utter wreck of today's Mexico, I can only shake my head in wonder at that much ill-advised meddling.

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Anonymous said...

I hope people are beginning to pay attention.
Thank you for the updates on this situation Pundita. Everyone else is very busy with the mosque situation.
Mexico is our neighbor, and when they are in trouble we should pay attention and not give lip service to the public.