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Saturday, April 18

IMF and UMPs: Nothing to see here folks, move along

Here's Reuters' deadpan synopsis of key speeches at Saturday's World Bank-IMF Spring Meeting.  The really short version:  Yes, unconventional monetary policy (think 'quantitative easing') has its own acronym, and you and I are not to worry because while there could be a few hiccups when UMPs are wound down someday but not today it's nothing the Lords of the Craps Table shouldn't be able to manage.

A slightly more detailed version, from India Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's speech to the IMF Steering Committee:   
"The exit, when it commences, could create turbulence in global financial markets. Central banks in the major advanced economies, therefore, need to take into account the impact their policies may have on other emerging and developing economies. The IMF, which has been supporting such policies, also needs to reconsider whether UMPs militate against the core mandate of the Fund to maintain exchange rate stability... It is imperative that interest rate normalization by central banks in the major advanced economies is predictable and well communicated."
Be predictable and well communicated. Gotcha, Sri Jaitley.  

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