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Tuesday, April 21

War Escalation Russia NATO Now UPDATED 3X

There'll be a podcast later tonight but listen now if you can to Dr Stephen F. Cohen's discussion with John Batchelor; it'll be going on until 11 PM EDT.  Here's streaming link to Washington DC WMAL radio carrying the show.  

Update:  Here is the podcast. It's the entire 2nd hr of the show, which runs about 39 minutes.  

John also read excerpts from a bombshell report by Graham Allison and Dimitri K. Simes, two American heavyweight defense/geopolitical advisors (for decades), "Russia and America: Stumbling to War."  April 20, published at The American Interest.  Batchelor led off with a discussion of the report.  

He also spoke about statements made by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary-General.  (see below for link).  

Also Rasmussen's statements.  Don't have link yet will update with it.  

Keep in mind that John and Steve were the only people in the entire global media who began warning as early as a year ago that the situation now evident today was building. They were considered alarmist at the time. 

update 10:31 PM
here is link to Rasmussen interview Newsweek  April 15.  (Rasmussen is former NATO Secretary-General; his replacment is very recently installed so Rasmussen's statements still have great weight)

update 1:00 AM
As you will learn from their report Simes and Allison didn't phone it in; they took themselves to Moscow to speak in person with a wide range of high-level sources.   

Here is the link to the April 21 Deutsche Welle report about the series of assassinations in Kiev that John discussed.  But as background here's a report from April 17 I saw while I was looking for the DW link. It's from a Russian news site called Sputnik. Headline and lede:  

Extraordinary Double Standard: West Silent Over Murders of Kiev's Opponents

"The silence of the West over the deaths of Kiev's opponents - in contrast to the outcry following Russian politician Nemtsov’s death - yet again shows extraordinary double standard and its complicity in the destruction in Ukraine of the very standards of law and morality it claims to believe in."

It almost looks as if DW was stung by the Sputnik report, which does name DW along with other Western publication -- although, from some comments John made about the DW report, maybe not stung enough because they are still waffling about the fact that not all these murdered Ukrainians were Kremlin supporters. They were protesting the installed regime in Kiev.  Yet John noted that now the Germans, seeing this Pinochet-type wave of murders, are asking themselves just what they're supporting in Kiev. 

update 1:42 AM
Oops.  This was the Sputnik report (4/20) I meant to reference when I speculated above that DW was stung by 4/17 Sputnik report: Entire Western Media is a Troll Army

Heh. Tell us what you really think, Sputnik; don't hold back.  Sigh. 
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