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Monday, September 19

"FBI: Multiple bombs found in package at New Jersey train station"

The story about the bombs and the stabbing incident at a mall is going to dominate the US news cycle for at least the rest of the week. This blog isn't the right platform to keep up with all the details that will be breaking news. But here are the opening paragraphs from the latest in-depth CNN text report on the bombs, updated at 6:12 AM EDT:  

Elizabeth, New Jersey (CNN) A backpack containing multiple bombs was found Sunday night near an Elizabeth, New Jersey, train station, according to the FBI and the city's mayor.

The backpack had up to five devices, Elizabeth's mayor Chris Bollwage said. It was found in a wastebasket, outside a neighborhood pub and located about 500 feet from a train trestle. No one was injured.

On Sunday around 9:30 p.m., two men found the backpack and thought it might contain something valuable. They alerted police when they saw wires and a pipe, the mayor said. No cell phones or electronic timing devices were found on the devices, Bollwage said.

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