Tuesday, September 27

Syria: Haha! The ratline is running in reverse! Meanwhile FSA gets religion.

Well the Syrian Army is raining pamphlets again. [laughing] All right Pundita settle down. But I thought the border between Turkey and Syria had been sealed; obviously not for outbound traffic. Soon they're going to need to install traffic lights to prevent gridlock.

Syrian Army Urges Remaining Civilians to Leave Eastern Districts of Aleppo City
September 27, 2016 - 11:13 [local time]

TEHRAN (FNA) - The Syrian Army Command Center called on civilians to leave militant-held districts of Aleppo as soon as possible, vowing to launch a large-scale operation in the Eastern neighborhoods of the city to route out militancy.

The Syrian Army Commander Center in Aleppo said the government forces are getting ready to launch a large-scale operation in the Eastern districts of Aleppo, urging the remaining civilians near terrorist centers to move to safer districts or regions.

Meantime, Syrian army planes, for their part, have dropped thousand of surrender-now leaflets over the terrorist-held districts in Aleppo.

The General Staff of Syria's Armed Forces said on Sunday that the recent advances of the Syrian army and popular forces in Aleppo caused scores of terrorist groups' commanders and religious leaders to leave the militants alone in the battlefield and move to Turkey with a large amount of stolen funds.

"Religious and military leaders of Jeish al-Fatah coalition are fleeing the battlefields in Aleppo. It is a long time that they have been trapped in Aleppo districts. They are hopeless. They are fleeing to Turkey with the money they received from the backers of the terrorist groups and the money they took by force from civilians in Aleppo," the General Staff the Syrian Armed Forces said.

In the meantime, one of the commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), in an audio file, disclosed that a number of commanders of the terrorist groups have left their forces alone and have escaped to Turkey.

"You commanders, who stole a large amount of people's money and fled the battlefields, you have been trading the Syrian people's blood," the audio file said, adding, "Where are the religious leaders of the militants fleeing now, those who once claimed they were close to the God?"



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