Wednesday, September 28

The horror story of how First Americans are still treated like children by US government

If  Americans among my readers can snatch 40 minutes out of their busy day, I enjoin you to listen to the podcast of John Batchelor's stunning discussion with Terry L. Anderson about the economic plight of America's Indians. Under John's questioning Terry dispells the myths and misperceptions about the first Americans that have kept them, generation after generation, in poverty. 

The really horrible part, from the point of view of capitalism, is that these Americans knew all about the market economy long before the European tribes discovered the concept.

The discussion is based on a 2013 book of essays by several contributors edited by Terry and Shawn Regan titled Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations. It's flying off the shelves at Amazon, surely because of John's interview, although Amazon assures that more copies are on the way. The book is a 'must read' for everyone who's ever asked, 'What's wrong with those people?'

What's wrong is that they've been very neatly excluded from the opportunities that are the right of every immigrant to this country. 

We yap a lot about equality in the USA. Yeah, well, how about spreading a little of the equality to the first immigrants to this land?


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