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Tuesday, September 13

To think I used to like men [banging her head on the keyboard]

[Breaking] Rebels ignore ceasefire to launch new assault in northern Hama
By Leith Fadel -13/09/2016

Hama, Syria (7:00 A.M.) - The Free Syrian Army (FSA), backed by Jund Al-Aqsa (Al-Qaeda franchise), launched a new assault in the northern Hama countryside on Tuesday, targeting the small town of Zour Al-Masalq near Khattab.

According to a field source in northern Hama, the Free Syrian Army's "Jaysh Al-Izza," alongside Jund Al-Aqsa, stormed their Syrian Arab Army's defenses at Zour Al-Masalq this morning, resulting in the second violation of this ceasefire by the rebel forces.

No gains have been reported thus far; however, the jihadist rebels have forced to the Syrian Arab Army to strengthen their positions all over northern Hama in anticipation for another attack.

The ceasefire in Hama lasted for a total of 12 hours before the jihadist rebels broke the agreement by launching their offensive.


EHSANI2 ‏@EHSANI22 6 hours ago

New Syrian army was founded to expel ISIL from eastern syria.

EHSANI2 added,

Of the 21 groups who refused 2 sign COH #Syria deal is "jabhat al asala wal tanmiya" which basically is the new Syrian army that USA trained.

Ryan O'Farrell‏@ryanmofarrell

@EHSANI22 This is not accurate. They're a coalition of which the NSyA was a member, but they disavowed it two months ago.


@ryanmofarrell @ryanmofarrell yes. why i used the word "basically". Your more precise wording is well taken. Thanks
4:30 PM - 12 Sep 2016

Ryan O'Farrell ‏@ryanmofarrell 6h6 hours ago

ADF is one of the looser (though durable) coalitions. More of a mechanism for funding from the Gulf than anything, I think.
Ryan O'Farrell ‏@ryanmofarrell 6h6 hours ago

@EHSANI22 NSyAA is basically a revamped Kataib Allahu Akbar, an FSA faction driven out from Al Bukamal when IS took over in June 2014

From post at Sic Semper Tyrannis, US-Backed ‘Moderates’ Reject Nationwide Ceasefire, Officially: South Front, posted 11:02 AM EDT, September 12, 2016:

Well pilgrims, it just does not get much "better" than this from the point of view of satirists.  Evelyn Waugh, the author of "Black Mischief," "Scoop,"  and the more awful parts of "Sword of Honour" could not have written "better" material.
Poor Kerry (irony alert) he has labored in the vineyards of diplomacy for lo these many months (years?) in the effort to produce a ceasefire that would result in the fulfillment of the Borgist dream of an Assad Free Syria or whatever they would call the present Syria afterward. 
And now - wait for it! - drum roll! - Ahrar al Sham, the unicorns upon whom the loving (maybe) attention and largess of the US/CIA have been showered has rejected the ceasefire upon which Obama/Kerry had pinned all their hopes for victory snatched from the jaws of military travail. 
Why would they do that?  It is because they are allies and comrades of Fath al Sham (formerly the AQ branch in Syria).  Fath al Sham changed their name from the Nusra Front a few weeks back in the hope of BSing the peacemakers into making them bombing immune under a cease fire.  Well, that did not work.  The crafty Rooshians instead succeeded in having the US agree that Fath al Sham/al Nusra/AQ is still a jihadi group which will be legitimately targeted under a cease fire.  Damn these Russians!  They keep trying to win or at least not lose.
So, when our "moderates" side with the jihadis against us you can see how "moderate" they really are.
Today, CNN, MSNBC et al continue to pound Assad.  pl         

Two comments from SST reader regarding above post:

The Beaver said...

Cease fire ?

FSA & Jund al-Aqsa (not included in cease fire) are shelling Ma'an in north Hama and rebels are firing rockets onto SAA positions in Mallah, Aleppo

Guess they are game as far as Russian AF is concerned !
The Beaver said...

Whoopsy !


21 FSA, rebel and jihadi groups reject officially the cease-fire conditions and refuse to take a distance from AQ ( from Elijah Magnier who added that there are few Turkey proxies fighting in the north of Syria & Aleppo)

FWIW: Under intense pressure from regional allies (GCC), US accepted to keep Ahrar outside AQ Affiliated groups. Getting interesting as the hours go by.

Interesting? He thinks this snapshot of a lunatic asylum is interesting?


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