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Wednesday, September 21

Overheard from Hillary's body double: "Tell me again why we're invading this hick planet"

Trust a Frenchman to notice the difference in the hips but if that photo wasn't doctored Thierry Meyssan doesn't know what he's messing with. Obviously Hillary has been kidnapped by the same shape-shifting aliens who kidnapped Liam Fox and replaced him with a body double. 

The problem was that nobody could figure out why they wanted to invade the U.K. My speculation was that it had something to do with cricket but now my only guess is that they hate the Russians. Maybe something to do with Sputnik I -- the satellite not the news site -- but don't quote me on this.  
The Two Hillarys

Voltaire Network
September 20, 2016
Hillary Clinton was the victim of a dizzy spell during the ceremony for the commemoration of the attacks of 11 September in New York. One hour later, she left her apartment, sporting a pair of dark glasses, to salute the crowd and confirm that she was in good shape.
Examination of these photographs demonstrates that the person who left the apartement is not Mrs. Clinton. While we could engage in a long discussion about the lines on her face - despite the dark glasses - the size of her hips does not correspond at all.

Translation:  Pete Kimberley
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