Tuesday, September 6

Old School Music Tuesday: The Spinners

This paean to the African-American mothers of yesteryear starts with a pointed remark: "In a world like today it's a rare occasion to be able to see young mothers like the ones that were around when I grew up."

The only thing those incredible women couldn't conquer was the twin scourges of the Republican Party's state-sponsored illicit drug business and the Democratic Party's welfare state. 

That's not a political statement, it's the truth, although few younger people know about the connection between America's prosecution of the Cold War and the collateral damage of a drug trade that decimated the poorest of America's communities.

But as the Welfare Mom took the place of Supermoms who'd held their families together with strength of character, boundless love, and unshakable faith in God even in the worst poverty, The Spinners looked back in a song that I believe more than any other conveys the Old School of Black American pop music.                    

"Sadie" - 1974 - The Spinners 


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