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Wednesday, September 7

Russia and China escape their lamps. Meanwhile the New Cold War lumbers on.

There's no getting these genies back in the lamp:
Russia and China have, in separate ways, now been enabled to commence implementation of their strategies to replicate the maritime powers’ control or dominance of the maritime global commons, particularly ports, straits, and choke-points. In other words, they have begun to seek command of both the land and the seas, a process likely to evolve over decades.
From "Russia and China Break Out from Three Centuries of Containment." Gregory Copley of GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs in last night's discussion with John Batchelor of the John Batchelor Show.  

What now for the emerging world order that sees diminished American influence? Gregory explains. Here's the JBS podcast of the discussion.  See also the JBS Schedule page for more quotes from Defense & Foreign Affairs on the discussion.  (September 6, Hour 3, Blocks C and D)

Earlier Tuesday night John Batchelor and Russia expert Dr Stephen F. Cohen mulled the latest moves in the New Cold War. They focused on three areas: nuclear weapons, Ukraine, and Syria. That first is the most serious; however, as the conflicts in those two nations are currently very much part of the New Cold War they fold into the issue of nukes. 

There are extensive quotes on the topics at the JBS Schedule page (Hour 2). Here is the podcast for the discussion. 


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