Saturday, March 18

"Looks like a joke"

Even if you know about the vocal group Forte from Game of Thrones, their 2013 audition for "America's Got Talent" is still worth watching. The surprise factor in this, their first public performance, is a little lessened by the group's subsequent fame. But it's still a surprise. And it's fun to watch the reaction from the audience and judges to the singing of three contestants who'd only met two days earlier.

(The Wikipedia article about Forte puts to rest speculation that the serendipity was staged by the talent show to gin up ratings.)   

What happened to the group since, including their musical composition in the fictional High Valyrian dialect for GoT and rendition of the song, is an American success story -- and would be the case in any country, actually. Sometimes the card deck of fate really does deal out an incredible winning hand, and while there was more than luck involved in the meeting of the singers, the birth of Forte was one of those times.


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