Wednesday, March 15

"Main Exit Polls Show Dutch PM Mark Rutte Reelected"

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23:21 - 15.03.2017

A key exit poll in the Netherlands is showing the Mark Rutte will likely emerge victorious from the nation's Wednesday election, while right-wing nationalist Geert Wilders reportedly had a poor showing.

Wilders' Party for Freedom won 19 of 150 seats in Dutch parliament, according to preliminary exit poll. The nation's 13 million votes had until 9 p.m. local time to cast their ballots. Wilders has proposed banning the Quran from the Netherlands and issuing a ban on immigration from citizens from majority-Muslim countries. Rutte will need to form a coalition government, reports suggest. 
The Party for Freedom's 19 seats are fewer than analysts had projected. Exit polls reported that less than one in seven Dutch voters voted in favor of Wilders' party. 

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