Tuesday, March 7

ParamaShiva Bhajan

Sung in the Kannada language by Mata Amritanandamayi ("Amma") and some of her disciples and devotees. I've featured this bhajan before; the audio quality isn't the best, but the rendition is so beautiful the flaws in the recording are easily overlooked. 

A part of the film accompanying the bhajan shows Amma teaching Western children how to perform a puja. Every family that follows the ancient religion of the Indus Valley has a place in the home set aside for puja, a ritual daily waving of the camphor flame and saying of prayers to honor the household god. 

So much of the capacity to maintain faith in the darkest of our days comes down to the old joke about the New Yorker who was asked by a tourist how he could get to the great music auditorium known as Carnegie Hall. 

The New Yorker replied, "Practice!"     


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