Saturday, July 21

Almost 2 million refugees can return to Syria "very soon"

Moscow, SANA - June 20 – The Russian Defense Ministry said that 1.7 million displaced Syrians will be able to return to Syria very soon, and that the return of displaced people to their areas is the first task in order to restore normal life and rebuild Syria.

Chief of National Centre for State Defense Control Lt. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev said in a press conference on Friday that the prices of food and medical supplies are decreasing in the areas that are being liberated from terrorists, and locals are getting healthcare services.

Mizintsev said that a special coordination center had been established to help the Syrian government in returning the displaced to their country.


He also said that Russia presented specific suggestions to the US side during the recent summit in Helsinki regarding organizing the return of displaced Syrians, particularly those currently staying in Lebanon and Jordan.


Meanwhile internally displaced Syrians have been returning to their homes in Daraa as fast as the Syrian military can secure their neighborhoods. See Dozens of families return to their homes in Alma town in Daraa; July 10, SANA, and Hundreds of displaced families return to Dael and Ebtaa, Daraa; July 12, SANA.


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